Floral Gift in a Jar – Home-made Sweet Violet Sugar for Cakes and Bakes

Sweet Violet Sugar for Cakes & Bakes

 – Floral Gift in a Jar –

Home-made Sweet Violet Sugar for Cakes and Bakes

British Mothering Sunday is on the 18th March this year, and over the  next week I shall be posting come ideas for this special day; today, I am sharing another violet recipe, Sweet Violet Sugar – a delightful old-fashioned floral sugar that is wonderful when added to cakes, bakes, desserts, custards, ice creams as well as home-made chocolates and sweets.  This sugar is easy to make and would make a thoughtful gift for a mum who loves to bake……..just adorn the jar with a fabric mob-cap and pretty ribbon, whilst attaching a card with recipe ideas written on it. Or, make a jar now, and allow it to infuse for a week before using it in something special for your mum on Mothering Sunday……I will be posting some cake and chocolate gift ideas next week, some that use this sugar and some that use my Sweet Violet Syrup and Crystallised Violets too.

Sweet Violet Sugar

Why not make a Violet Trio of gifts for your Mum? And then pack it all together in an old wicker basket with a recipe card or a cookbook……….or, make the violet trio in readiness for Easter, this floral sugar, as well as the syrup and candied flowers would be wonderful for Easter baking. There is so much we can use when we forage, and I love cooking with flowers as well as herbs…….sometimes I feel we all miss so much that grows in our hedgerows and on the verges, as well as in our own gardens. If you don’t have any violets in your garden, why not buy some plants or seeds……with the right growing conditions they will have established themselves in just a couple of years, as mine did, and then you will have some amazing scented flowers to add to your posy jars as well as your pantry, in other words, access to a floral larder for nearly a month.

Freshly picked wild sweet violets


Sweet Violet Sugar for Cakes & Bakes

Serves 1 small jar
Dietary Vegetarian
Meal type Condiment, Dessert
Misc Gourmet, Pre-preparable
Occasion Birthday Party
Region British
By author Karen S Burns-Booth
A delightful old fashioned floral sugar that makes a wonderful gift.


  • Fresh sweet violets (pesticide free)
  • caster sugar


Make sure the violets are dry when adding to the sugar, and they are free from pesticides.


Step 1 Take a clean, sterile jar and layer the fresh violets in the jar with alternating layers of caster sugar.
Step 2 Seal and allow to infuse for a week, in a dark cool place.
Step 3 After a week the sugar can be used in cakes, bakes, desserts, ice creams etc, The violets can be left in for a stronger flavour; sieve the sugar before using.

Home-made Sweet Violet Sugar

I hope you have enjoyed my violet recipes so far, I have to shoot off now as I am meeting up with friends, but I will see you later with more recipes and general musings and ramblings……bye for now, Karen.



    • says

      Thanks Charlotte, if you DID have some violets in your garden then you would have access to a floral larder for nearly a month! Karen

  1. says

    Karen, I love the things you come up with. This is such a brilliant idea. Unfortunately for me, the sweet violets that I foraged whilst we were out a couple of weeks ago sat in a jar – I had not thought of doing anything as splendid as this with them. AND I’m not likely to come across any more this year. I’ve made crystalised violets before but never sugar – love it and your pictures too.

    • says

      They MIGHT just be okay for flavoured sugar if they still hold a fragrance Choclette……dried violets still command a strong scent! The sugar is such an easy “recipe” and the results are fabulous!

  2. says

    Sweet violet sugar, what a delight, although sadly I have no idea where I’d come by sufficient wild violets. I spot them once in a while hereabouts but never in such numbers that I could feel justified in picking them. I will have to keep my eyes peeled!

    • says

      Thanks Annie. You can buy sweet violet plants at most good garden centres, and they do increase every year once established.

  3. says

    This looks like such a nice gift for someone! I love going foraging although I only ever find elderflowers, never found (probably missed them!) violets. Since I started growing my own I have wanted to include edible flowers in the garden. Maybe I’ll start with violets.

    • says

      Thanks! Violets are really easy to grow and the multiply each year, so my modest patch of violets that I planted 6 years ago, covers the whole lawn now! I also have elderflowers in my garden, but I’ll save them for later, as they are not out yet!

  4. says

    Hi Karen, I am saving your recipes on violets (sugar and syrup) for me to try out, when the violets will be flowering here in Denmark. I think this will be 3-4 weeks from now. Thank you for sharing your recipes and ideas with us.

    Many kitchen greetings Kirsten

    • says

      Thanks Kirsten, I look forward to hearing how your sugar and all the other violet recipes turn out! Thanks for your lovely comments. Karen

  5. says

    Karen, another beautiful use of violets. It reminds me of the concept of making vanilla sugar and what I wouldn’t give to have fresh violets to create a jar of this sugar… ::sigh::

  6. Sheri Reese says

    Will violets just dry out in sugar and keep their color and shape? I have some layered in a jar hoping to be Abe to use them on top of a cake, as decorations, in February. I want the to look like fresh so I carefully placed the heads in the sugar and covered them. Think it will work? They will not be intended to be eaten.

      • Sheri Reese says

        Thank you for your note, Karen. It is to hot for sweet violets here so I am trying to dry African violet blossoms as cake decorations. Since I’ve seen varying opinions about whether they are edible or not, I do not plan on anyone eating them.


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